Shopify Marketplace Kit. How to Create a Shopify Multistore?

Shopify Marketplace Kit January 13, 2022

Why you need Shopify Marketplace? You are the owner of the store and you want to place other vendors on your website to turn it into a marketplace and you wonder how to do it?

Shopify platform, for creating E-commerce, thought of everything for you to be able to sell your products on the marketplace. Previously we described how to build a Multi-Vendor store on Shopify. You need to install at least one of Shopify's Multi-Vendor programs. It's going to help you control the store correctly and to get more revenue.

But let's look at the new feature Shopify provides.

Shopify Marketplace Kit

You can add commerce functions on any platform with the help of Shopify Marketplace Kit. Marketplace Kit provides the ability to use commerce functions of Shopify and to connect your platform to millions of merchants and their products.

In this article so far, we explained what marketplace is and how it fits into Shopify with the assistance of the Marketplace Kit.

Shopify Marketplace Kit uses Shopify technical stack and Shopify experience to provide API, webhooks and interface components of the Customer to speed-up your marketplace development.

Shopify Marketplace Kit

Marketplace Kit connects your platform to Customers, Sellers and their products, with the help of Shopify sales channels.

Partners create apps for sales channels in the meanwhile merchants install sales channel apps in the Shopify admin. In the Shopify admin Sellers publish products from their stores into Shopify Sales channel apps, then the sales channel apps display products on the platform.

The following diagram illustrates the workflow of the marketplace:

Shopify Marketplace Kit. How to Create a Shopify Multistore?

Creating a marketplace on Shopify

In order to correctly control products we begin with creating a Sales channel app for your marketplace. Your Sellers install this app in their Shopify store giving access to information about a product in the store. After that, Sellers publish products they want to share from their store. The Main Channel application combines products and their details into the central channel which displays products in the marketplace.

This part requires knowledge in API development, so if you have any questions or difficulties you can contact us.

Creating shop-front

You need every related product on your marketplace to have a separate page. This allows every Seller to have unique brand elements and identity in your marketplace. We can achieve this by creating a unique domain to every page.

Usually it looks something like this:


When Customers browse your marketplace, they just add products to the cart and place an order at your marketplace . All the work is done by shopify API. The Channel app receives details about the product and price information from every connected store. Your cart contains all the chosen products from different stores. This allows the Customer to choose different products for purchase. They don't need to leave your website to look through or buy other products. The Customers make purchases and place orders on your platform like on any other store. This increases Customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates.

Extension of Marketplace services beyond Shopify.

These incredible marketplace functions don't stop only at your Shopify marketplace. The Mgroup team can add these E-commerce functions to any platform. By using the basic Shopify tech stack we can use API, webhooks and interface components to create a multi-functional marketplace for your platform or program. Customers are purchasing products at your marketplace and placing orders at the merchant's store while the merchant fulfills the order. Your platform charges merchants for sales made at the store.

Connecting and creating with Shopify Marketplace Kit

Mgroup integration can help to add commerce to your platform and to open the world of new Shopify Sellers with API Marketplace Kit collection. The Marketplace Kit uses commerce functions of Shopify and connects your platform to millions of Sellers and their products. We can connect your Platform to external Shopify Sellers, together with their products. Development process includes integration and programming of different API services, so contact Mgroup, we can provide detailed expertise in this matter.