Shopify Store Development

Are you looking Shopify Theme Development services? Do this with Mgroup Shopify Experts.

Our approach to building exceptional enterprise eCommerce solutions for the most innovative and fast-growing organizations on a national and international scale starts with utilizing Shopify, a world leader in eCommerce. Mgroup delivers Shopify websites for businesses no matter the industry and timezone. We create eCommerce solutions that are easy to use for store owners, management teams, and your clients.

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Shopify Theme Development

Mgroup developers and designers deeply understand your business processes, making your new website 100% effective.

Beyond just aesthetics, our certified experts can provide guidance on a range of essential aspects, including tooling, analytics, SEO, performance, and more.

Shopify Theme Development

Building Your Shopify Store

We understand that each business is distinctive and by following your commercial priorities, we'll develop a new online store that offers optimal returns on your investment. Clear information, easy usage, and management, and a variety of technologies to choose from for your business- this is what you get as the result.

  • Planning stage with Shopify Experts
    • This involves identifying your target audience, deciding on your product offerings, and creating a budget for your store. You'll also need to choose a Shopify pricing plan that suits your needs. Mgroup will tell you more about each plan and recommend what is best for your business.

  • UX/UI design phase
    • This entails developing a wireframe and mockup of your store, deciding on the visual language and color palette of your brand, and coming up with a user- and aesthetically pleasing store layout. A style guide must be developed in order to maintain consistency across your entire store.

  • Shopify Store Development phase
    • When the UX/UI design is complete, it's time to start the development phase. Mgroup offers better technologies and tools for integrating design into the Shopify platform: Shopify 2.0, Shopify Plus, Shopify Headless, and Hydrogen. Also, it includes adding product listings, creating payment and shipping options, and ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines.

  • Pre-prod activities
    • Mgroup will also ensure that your store is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that your customers can easily access your store from any device. We will also test the store thoroughly to make sure that everything is working properly before launching. 

  • Launch and post-launch
    • Once your store is ready, Mgroup will help you launch it. We will ensure that your store is properly set up with all necessary integrations and analytics tools. Also will provide you with training on how to use the Shopify platform and manage your store. After launching, Mgroup will continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your store runs smoothly.

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Benefits of development by Mgroup

  • 1

    Full-cycle development services
    From initial analysis and tech consultation to long-term support we will take the development side of your business into our hands.
  • 2

    User & client-oriented solutions
    After a thorough examination of your target audience, we create services that are efficient and pleasant to use from their point of view.
  • 3

    Scalability for future growth
    Highly performant services we develop are designed to cope with large amounts of users, inquiries and high loads.