Web & Mobile Development

Mgroup provides custom website development for startups and enterprises no matter the industry and timezone. We have large experience in creating websites for logistics, healthcare, eCommerce, fintech, and entertainment. We develop fully responsive static and dynamic websites with different types of content — from landing pages and blogs to e-commerce and video streaming. Mgroup developers and designers have a deep understanding of business processes and that makes your new website 100% effective. We develop fully responsive static and dynamic websites with different types of content — from landing pages and blogs to eCommerce and video streaming.

Web & Mobile Development

Custom Web & Mobile Development with Mgroup

Mgroup developers and designers have a deep understanding of business processes and that makes your new website 100% effective. Clear information, easy usage, and management, a variety of technologies to choose from for your business- this is what you get as the result.

  • Custom Web & Mobile Development with Mgroup
    • Have specific ideas in mind of what would how your web page should look like or which application will show your product the best? From booking services and three-sided online marketplaces to CRMs and customized landing page generators – we can develop any type of website.

  • Visually appealing websites
    • User interface is a viable part of every product on the web. Mgroup knows everything about web design, visual design, graphic design, and branding and applies this knowledge to provide an outstanding design of your website.

  • Safe & Secure websites
    • Developing eCommerce sites on such software systems as Shopify, Woocomerce, BigCommerce, etc., provides total security and ensures the safety of your business and your customers. Special features are enabled into your site by default and you become totally PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) approved, which means that you follow data safety standards. The standard was created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud.

  • Mobile-friendly websites
    • According to statistics 60-80% (depending on the sphere) of e-commerce customers buy from mobile devices. Additionally, Google says that mobile-friendly web pages will be shown in the top of the search which helps you to be the first they see&buy. That means that optimising your website for mobile is a must. And Mgroup provides this optimisation out of the box. 

  • Modern websites
    • We are working constantly in the sphere which is constantly progressing so we are always researching&learning. We know and apply the latest innovations in software development to make sure your website will be up-to-date. Do you know what innovations can grow your business and save money?

  • Reliable & correct websites
    • We always ensure that your website code is bug-free and provide great value to users. Mgroup dedicated engineers always test every product we develop. We also support your first steps in your site managing, after delivery. You get a turn-key solution with a team of experts to address whenever you need help or new development services.

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Benefits of development by Mgroup

  • 1

    Full-cycle development services
    From initial analysis and tech consultation to long-term support we will take the development side of your business into our hands.
  • 2

    User & client-oriented solutions
    After a thorough examination of your target audience, we create services that are efficient and pleasant to use from their point of view.
  • 3

    Scalability for future growth
    Highly performant services we develop are designed to cope with large amounts of users, inquiries and high loads.