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Everything you ever wanteD

in Design & Development.

Our people, our process and our technical process have ensured
that we’ve built and delivered digital solutions to the most respected companies in the world.


Your Vision.

We build structure of application about how users
arrive at the app and where they'll go next.
We create main idea of the project and will follow with it.


UX/UI & Technical Requirements.

Our UX/UI Designer used Axure (Balsamiq)
to prepare an interactive prototypes of the projects,
so we could present they to clients.


Agile Development.

We use only newest technologies for
implementing your solutions.



We are responsible for the quality
of our products.

You get great solution.

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our Services.

  • Website Design & Marketing

    Website Design & Marketing

    We love to craft beautiful Web Experiences. Our talented web designers specialize in mobile-friendly website design, branding and online marketing solutions.

  • E-commerce


    Online ecommerce platform that allows you to create a storefront that integrates with Facebook and has a built in mobile website all built from scratch.

  • SEO & Analytics

    SEO & Analytics

    Search Engine Optimization is best achieved by simply following the guidelines of major search engines like Google and building quality content.

  • Managed Website Solutions

    Managed Website Solutions

    Our ongoing managed website solutions ensure your website remains secure and continues to perform well long after initial launch.

our Services.

MGroup.js - our Services

  // Our people, our process and our technical prowess have ensured
  // that we’ve built and delivered digital solutions to the most
  // respected companies in the world.

http.createServer(function (request, response) {

     // Send the HTTP header
      // HTTP Status: 200 : OK
      // Content Type: text/plain


// Console will print the message
console.log('Server running at');

We are built to work smarter, faster, and more effectivel

our Projects.

A Team of devoted professionals that love
their job and enjoy working together.

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

We Serve All Industries.

Mgroup provides the full tech infrastructure needed for web development, marketing, advertising and PR agencies to build & implement your clients mobile app, web app, platform or tech solution. Working alongside your existing technology strategists and leaders, we are able to provide talented developers and designers on an affordable monthly retainer.

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